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Student Advocate Blog (26.4.24)


I’m handing over this weeks blog to our LC Student Advocate who is sharing her experiences of Calvert.

Huge well done, Shannon, great blog.

I’m going to have to pull my socks up with next weeks blog.


My Calvert Adventure - Shannon 

LC Student Advocate


"For this week’s blog, I’m sharing some Calvert memories.

Last week, I went to Calvert Residential in the Lake District, with my college, the Learning Centre and New Bridge College. I made some notes as the week went on...


Day 2: Tuesday 16th April


Hi guys, it’s the second day here and we have been in groups since yesterday. We have loads of activities to do, this morning we did rock climbing and then in the in the afternoon we went for a walk in a park.



Day 3: Wednesday 17th April


Hi, its the third day and we have done a riverwalk and biking. It was really fun but when we went in the river we all got really wet and we didn’t like it .


Day 4: Thursday 18th April

Today we did some bushcraft, we made a fire with wood and flint, and then cooked pancakes. We also did canoeing, but still don’t like getting wet! We had a disco in the evening.


I am so glad that I went to Calvert and spent some time there. I enjoyed seeing all different wildlife and how beautiful it all is.

It's been so fun and the staff at Calvert are nice. Everywhere you look its beautiful and the next people will love it here.

Just a little about me...

I was scared at first and then I was OK because I got here and got to know the staff and then I felt good and it is easy to find your way around the place .

I’d like to say thanks to everyone at the Learning Centre & Calvert, its been a once in a lifetime experience, which I’ll never forget.