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New Bridge School Blog - 3.5.24


It’s all about the learning.   

This week I have been out and about, dropping into some lesson to look at the teaching and learning within our school. And what a treat I’ve had!!! On Thursday I watched 9DPD and 8CHS in 2 separate maths lessons and it safe to say – I managed to revise my understanding of triangles and shapes (it was a LONG time ago that I first gained this knowledge).

It was brilliant to see our children engaging in learning, supporting each other, developing new skills and knowledge in classrooms that really do promote excellent learning.

Our teaching and support staff ensure that they meet students’ needs and understand how our children learn – either through the use of technology, or by the traditional methods of pens and pencils. In particular I saw some amazing work by 9DPD around the triangulation of shapes and it was amazing to see the students using their fine motor skills to complete the work.  Some budding quantity surveyors defiantly in that class!!! 

I watched a group of year 8 students in a PSCHE lesson, learning that all families are different. The students talked to Miss Pettigrew and Miss Cockcroft about family activities that they do (who walks the dog, who goes to the shops) and how each family unit are not the same.

Within this blog, we’ve included some pictures of the children on task and completing the work set. Again, great learning and covering lots of topics such as diversity and some living skills. The lesson finished with the conclusion that although everyone is different, the only thing that matters in love. Always . 

Thank you to the children who allowed me to be part of their learning and to the staff teams who are demonstrating their amazing teaching talents on a daily basis . More of this to come next week...

This week, we also welcomed students from schools within our Trust – Springboard Project, Hollinwood Academy , Samuel Laycock and New Bridge College.

The school hosted the ‘Reverse Employability ‘ event. Within the morning our students spoke to employers and businesses to promote their skills and knowledge. So why should an employer recruit one of our learners?

I can give you several reasons, but it’s safe to say the young people ‘sold it'. There was lots of talk about resilience, good people skills, not to mention being amazing at tasks and problem solving. The students within our Trust really do have superpowers. 

Thursday was local election day and we were fortunate to receive a visit from one of our ex-student– Shona Farnworth. Shona represents the Liberal Democrats for Failsworth and came a magnificent 3rd. Shona had a look around school and recognised lots of familiar faces and rooms.  

I want to share with you some parts of Shona’s campaign. I have permission to do this from Shona...


What I want to do? 

I want to help people in our communities. 

I feel I will understand people as I’m a good listener and I want to be a voice to those people who feel they are not being heard. 

I would like to help take away some of the obstacles people face; I just want to help people make a positive difference.  


I think it's fair to say – that’s what we want for all our young people – to make a difference.  

That’s it for me. We hope all our families enjoy the bank holiday weekend and at some point, the sun makes an appearance.


Stay safe

Mrs Tootill 


Mrs T's Blog - 3.5.24