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New Bridge Pathways Blog - 26.4.24


This week ComLivTec went to Oldham Library, and we accessed the Sensory Room. The room is equipped with digital sensory technology and offered our students a calming environment. The students all benefited from this experience. 


ComLiv Creative Arts - English 

This week in COMLIV creative arts we have been practising our speaking and listening skills out in the community. On Monday we went to Spindles shopping centre.

We were practising speaking to sale assistants. We also used our maths skills to work out how much we had left to spend. It was great to see all the pupils helping each other to work out the correct amount. 

On Friday we went to Oldham Library as part of our Pathway project. We each chose a question to ask the assistant. We did a great job of finding out how the library helps our community. We enjoyed browsing the books. 

In English this term we are looking at wellbeing. This week we  thought about what sadness feels like and our strategies to cheer ourselves up.

CL English - 26.4.24



I am pleased to let you know that the students are actively participating in the reading program. Recently, I had a meeting with the Readingplus team, and I learned that Ibrahim from Digi2 has received a Special Recognition certificate for his outstanding efforts in enhancing his reading level by three levels! 

Let's give a special round of applause to the following students who have earned Reading Level Awards. This recognition is a testament to their hard work and progress in the reading program, and we hope it motivates them to continue their reading journey.  




















This term the Digi, Lumenus, Activ8 and the Community Living groups have been busy going back to basics. We have been learning how to make pastry, last week we did the rubbing in method and made some delicious crumble and this week we’ve built on our skills to make pastry, jam tarts to be specific. I suspect given the number of lunch time picnics I’ve seen this week not many made it home! 

Our Progress Plus groups have been focusing on using electrical appliances safely, learning how to safely plug in and unplug the toaster and how to set it correctly. They have learnt how to safely remove hot items, with the aid of wooden tongues where needed. Pupils have also been doing some sensory analysis, deciding how ‘toastie’ they like their toast, clearly expressing likes and dislikes and making clear choices from a range of options.  

Our options cooking class have been enjoying making savoury snacks, developing their preparations skills to make spring rolls and samosas.  

The Hospitality and Catering group have been busy planning their new enterprise. Last week they came up with a huge range of suggestions for things we could make to sell then used their knowledge of food safety, food hygiene and allergens to whittle this down to just 10. Over the next few weeks these will be available to buy during breaktime on a Wednesday or Thursday so please make sure to bring in your £1. Haiden and Emily have complied a list for you so you know what will be available and when.  

Food Blog - 26.4.24


Options – STEAM 


The topic this term for STEAM is The Five Senses. 

So far our young people have been learning about sight and hearing. Our activities have involved games where we relied solely on one sense or have had one of our senses taken away by being blindfolded and having to remember objects or listen for sounds. 

We have gathered information about our eyes, presented it in the form of pictograms and completed worksheets to consolidate our learning.  

Lots of learning, lots of fun and lots of laughs!  

Well done everyone!  

Miss Patchett 

Options - Steam (26.4.24)