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New Bridge Pathways Blog - 19.4.24


This week in ComLiv Tec we have been out visiting the Oldham library. We are hoping to do this weekly to help with our reading sessions. The staff in the library thanked us for being very respectful and well behaved in our session. Well done ComLiv Tec. 

This week in our RSE lesson we have been looking at puberty and how our bodies are developing, we have looked at menstruation this week. The students were all mature in their learning and we looked at different products that girls would use whilst on their periods. These sessions are informative, and our students learn this topic in a safe space for them.  

Com Liv


Digi 1 this week have had a very constructive weekThey put down their keyboards and pens and picked up a hammer and screwdriver instead.  They worked together in groups to build the shelves for our new library. Students work fabulously as a team, reading instructions, communicating with one another and developing some DIY skillsWell done, everyone! 

Digi (19.4.24)