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New Bridge College Blog - 3.5.24


Bridging the Gap


This week 6 BTG students attended our first Reverse Employability Event at New Bridge School lead by Dr Shirley Woods-Gallagher. 

This was an amazing opportunity for the students to be able to interact with potential and varied employers from across The Greater Manchester area. The students were able to ask questions within an environment that was relaxed and calming, ensuring that all students got the opportunity to engage with businesses who had an interest in involving and employing our young and diverse students within their companies. 

Our BTG students spoke to varied employers from Nurseries, charities and even Tesla they had a set of questions that were both challenging and engaging. These questions were prepared by students from across the Trust in a meeting held well over two weeks ago. Some of the questions asked included. 

“Why would you want to employ me?” 

 “What can you offer someone who is neuro-divergent in your place of work?” 

“What adaptions are you able to make for myself and others withing your workplace?” 

It was so amazing to see the students interacting with employers and other professionals. The students and employers all had smiles and were laughing throughout the event, showing the success of the event. We were able to show the success of former students that have gained full-time employment within the Trust or have other full-time positions within our community. Here is a comment from one member of staff: 

“Looking around at so many employers that are willing to help and support us and our students on their journey provides us with hope that we can get more students into employment and show more employers that “everyone” is employable. It provided them with a platform to be able to show off their skills and show what they have to offer potential employers” 

Edward wanted to share his feedback...

“I really enjoyed the whole event because it was all about people with disabilities getting work with people talking to us about what they do in their jobs and what we do in our placements with questions and to see if they thought if we could work for them. Most of all I was blown away from what people thought of our work with destiny because people said we do a better job than some professions, I was buzzing with excitement and confidence with what they said. In the end the fact they tried with the food did not matter because I had a wonderful time and that’s the bottom line."  

Jonathan wanted to share his feedback...

"This morning, I attended a reverse employability event alongside students from Samuel Laycock, New Bridge School, and Hollinwood Academy. Multiple employers attended the event including representatives from the National Autistic Society and Tesla, we had a speed dating style interview in which we asked questions to each other such as: what accommodations they would make for disabled people?  What is our main area of expertise? And would I get a pay rise after completion of training?  

My thoughts about this event are that it was: innovative in its way that employers and students can ask questions to each other, accessible because everyone had a say in the event and there were breaks when needed and inspiring because it was great to see the camaraderie between everyone at the event."

See the photos here:

This term Lumenus are studying Musical Theatre (MT) and will use the skills learnt for their end of year performance. The whole process will be part of their accreditation BTEC Level 1 - Rehearsing for a performance and BTEC Level 2 - Preparing for a Performing Arts Production. 

So far, we have explored the history and genre of MT, technical terms and begun to develop the skills involved.  Performers need to have equally high skills across dance, music and drama. This is what is known within the industry as the 'triple threat'. 

Over the last three weeks they have begun to look at vocal and movement exercises, different musicals and choreographed some basic MC moves to chosen songs. They have picked a Musical to create a 15/20-minute piece for the Musical Highlights show at the end of the year. We are keeping this a secret 😊 

Have a great weekend!


Lumenus - 3.5.24



Last week students from College and Learning Centre embarked on a thrilling adventure to Calvert Trust activity centre nestled in the breath-taking scenery of the Lake District. This weeklong residential was not just about fun and games; it was a journey of personal growth, teamwork and unforgettable experiences. 

Throughout the week students immersed themselves in a plethora of exhilarating activities each designed to challenge them physically and mentally. From hill walking to canoeing, cycling to trapeze swing, bush craft to archery, rock climbing to abseiling, every moment was an opportunity for learning and adventure. It was heartening to witness the student’s maturity and determination as they tackled each activity with enthusiasm and resilience. 

One of the highlights of the trip was observing the student’s exceptional teamwork skills. Whether they were navigating through rugged terrain or conquering towering rock faces as well as completing the giant swing, they supported each other every step of the way. This camaraderie not only enhanced the overall experience but also fostered a sense of unity and belonging within the group. 

Moreover, the trip provided an invaluable opportunity for students to develop essential life skills, such as personal self-care and appropriate clothing choices for various outdoor activities. Their attentiveness to these details displayed a level of responsibility and self-awareness beyond their years. 

The student’s interaction with the activity instructors were equally commendable. They exhibited exemplary social skills, politeness, and an unwavering enthusiasm to participate in all activities. Their positive attitude and eagerness to learn were truly inspiring and left a lasting impression on everyone involved. 

In addition to the scheduled activities, students enjoyed optional leisure pursuits such as swimming and sports, providing them with much-needed relaxation and enjoyment after a day filled with adventure. Evenings were spent socialising with each other and reconnecting with old friends from the Learning Centre, further strengthening bonds and creating cherished memories.