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New Bridge College Blog - 26.4.24


Well, here we are, two weeks into our last term and its safe to say that it’s been a busy couple of weeks for our students in their maths lessons. Most of our learners have completed mock assessments and some have sat their official component tests for their entry certificates. Doing assessments, whether they are mocks or the real deal, can be very stressful for our learners.  I have to say a massive well done to all our students but would like to give special mentions to Kyle, Alisha and Charlie for challenging themselves to complete more complex maths problems. 

Also, we have started a new topic all about Geometry. We have investigated the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, lines of symmetry, and angles. It’s been lovely to see the students really engaging and enjoying the practical tasks, then identifying real life objects that match the shapes.  

Our ‘Maths Masters’ of the week are Connor and Alfie for their work on pie charts. The work involved simplifying fractions, finding base angles, dividing or multiplying depending on the problem then using a compass to draw and complete their pie charts. Well done to them both for smashing it! 

Lastly, I would like to give special thanks to Josh from our digital pathway. Josh has been supporting his peers in some of our lessons; he is patient, calm and always ready to lend a hand.  I know that some of our students really appreciate his support, especially when he breaks down a question or explanation. Thanks Josh! And thanks again to all of our learners who sat their assessments, your behaviours and attitudes were exceptional.  

Martin and Nic  

College Maths - 26.4.24


Pre Interns 

This term in the Friday Life-skills lesson we have started a piece of work around budgeting.  

We have started looking at payslips and wages along with the deductions we all have to pay, with the vision of moving on to budgeting and spending and looking at living costs. Finally we will complete this piece of work with a trip to IKEA to get a realising view of how much it costs to furnish a flat.  

We always start our sessions with a brew buddy to foster teamwork and conversation approach.  

Pre Interns - 26.4.24


Tutorial & RSHE

In this week’s Tutorial and RSHE lesson, we have tackled head- on, the safeguarding topic of Prevent, namely radicalization, extremism, and challenging stereotypes. Oldham Youth Service paid us another visit in providing our students bespoke workshops that have proven to be a great success. Our students have engaged critically with these challenging concepts, developing a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding them. They took a good look into the reasons why people may be targeted, the different strategies a perpetrator would use to radicalize an individual and the extreme views different radical groups may uphold and adhere to.  Students were tasked to use synonyms and use alternative words linked to radicalization and extremism. They took part in a variety of tasks including sorting statements, a true and false quiz and creative drawing. 


Through thought-provoking discussions and activities, our students have shown remarkable insight and empathy towards those who may be vulnerable to radicalisation or fall victim to extremist ideologies. By breaking down stereotypes and fostering open-mindedness, our students have demonstrated a willingness to challenge harmful narratives and promote inclusivity and understanding within our college community. We are incredibly proud of the progress our students have made in tackling these important issues and look forward to exploring real case studies in our next lesson, which I am confident will encourage open and mature conversations around a sensitive yet important topic. 


Have a great weekend, everyone! 


Mrs Sarwar 


College - Tutorial & RSHE