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New Bridge College Blog - 17.5.24



This week, students enrolled in the HSC pathway successfully concluded their HSC7 unit titled 'Making Healthy Snacks When Caring For Others.'

Throughout the unit, the students engaged in hands-on culinary experiences in the KS4 kitchens, meticulously following their own recipes.

Abeni showcased her culinary skills by creating succulent stuffed peppers filled with quinoa, topped with melted mozzarella cheese.

Daisy impressed with her refreshing acai bowl, adorned with vibrant fresh fruit and crunchy lotus crumb.

The students demonstrated remarkable accuracy in adhering to their recipes, skilfully using personal protective equipment (PPE), preparing ingredients with precision, and maintaining a clean and organised workspace.   

HSC - 17.5.24

Olivia's independent efforts were equally commendable as she prepared her own nutritious snacks that aligned with the case study's requirements.  

Olivia - 17.5.24


Tutorial & RSHE

Areeta, a dynamic representative from the Oldham Youth Council, brought a burst of energy and valuable insights to our college workshop. Her objective was to equip us with the essential skills of managing and budgeting our money wisely. The workshop kicked off with an engaging quiz designed to reveal our individual spending habits. The results were surprisingly insightful, highlighting the spectrum of spending styles amongst us, from the cautious saver to the impulsive spender. Areeta then delved into the crucial distinction between needs and wants, emphasising the importance of prioritising essential expenses over frivolous desires.  

The discussion that followed was lively, with students sharing their personal experiences and struggles with managing their finances. One surprising revelation was the prevalence of emotional spending, with many admitting to using purchases to alleviate stress or boredom. This led to a deeper exploration of the psychological factors that drive our spending habits. Why do we indulge in a splurge even when we know it's not financially responsible? Areeta skilfully navigated this complex territory, pointing to societal pressures, the allure of instant gratification, and the powerful influence of advertising.  

The workshop concluded with a renewed sense of awareness and a practical toolkit of strategies for managing our finances. Areeta's visit was a powerful reminder that financial literacy is not just about numbers, but also about understanding our own motivations and developing healthy spending habits. 


Have a lovely weekend, everyone! 


Mrs Sarwar 

Tutorial & RSHE (17.5.24)


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