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NBLC - Weekly Blog


It's an emotional blog this week...

On Thursday morning we held our Leaver Record of achievement celebration at New Bridge Theatre. Students have been preparing their speeches for weeks and I was in total admiration for those students who came to the front and spoke in front of families, friends, Governors and staff.

I must start by saying a massive thank you to Cariol and the team for organising another outstanding celebration which put our students at the centre!

Student speeches are always the highlight of the event. They all took the opportunity to thank their friends and the staff who had supported them over the years.

Nearly everyone mentioned their memories of the Calvert residential so huge thanks and acknowledgement should go to Mr Taylor and the staff who help ensure all students can access & enjoy Calvert, creating lifelong memories.

I also had the great pleasure of presenting Abdul with his Gold Duke of Ed.

Everyone’s speech was amazing, however there are key speeches that always bring a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat. This year that was Ellie's speech when she said the following:

"Since joining the Learning Centre, I have been on a rollercoaster of a journey but through all the ups and downs and through the middle there is one thing that has been there, the staff and their genuine care for me.

I have made many friends during my time at the Learning Centre, a couple of friends that I will never lose touch with, they have helped me through thick & thin, made me laugh & feel less isolated. I can’t say I won’t miss the Learning Centre, what I can say is they have prepared me for adult life and achieving goals in my life. I will always remember what the Learning Centre has done for me."

I’m so very proud of Ellie and the class of 24 for the journey they have taken whilst at the Learning Centre and feel privileged to have played some part in helping them to be the confident young people they are today. Well done to you all, you inspire me every day!

I’d also like to thank our parents & carers who take that journey with us, trusting us to care, nurture, challenge and educate their loved ones.

I was again moved to tears by the words of one parent who said to me, thank you for everything you have done for her, I can’t believe how far she has come, thank you to you all. We cried again when her daughter came up onto the stage to receive her record of achievement, a move that would have been unimaginable in year 12.

These are only a couple of examples, everyone of our students has a different journey, but all of them have been able to move towards a meaningful destination.

Thanks to Clare John our CEO & Gavin Lyons our executive head, who both shared a few words of advice & guidance, and to Cathy Williams, our Governor, for coming to support.

My final message is to our students, who remind me daily of why I’m in this job.

Good luck to you all, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all the success in the world on the next stage of your journey.

Looking forward to more celebrations at next week's prom.

Have a lovely weekend