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NBC College Blog - 19.4.24




This week, pupils have been continuing to work on their speaking and listening presentations and assessments. We have observed a range of detailed, high-quality presentations, with information being presented clearly and with confidence! Moreover, students have been covering a range of topics that have been thoughtfully selected, such as: knife crime, influential figures, music and transport. 

Over in our phonics group, we have been astounded by the level of progress our three phonics students have made this year; this has been particularly evident this week when working with students in lessons on their singular and blended sounds. As can be seen in the video, Imran has been working incredibly hard on his singular sounds and how these sounds form simple words. Imran is now able to identify letters and the sounds these letters make which has enabled him to read and spell words used in everyday life. 

At the beginning of this year, Imran worked hard on his ability to learn and recognise the letters of the alphabet. His perseverance and resilience (our word of the week this week) has meant that he has mastered those skills. These skills are vital for Imran as he takes his next steps into the world; they will allow him to understand the world around him and feel confident in his ability to move forward, in whatever way he chooses. From reading important information in the community, to reading practical instruction in the workplace, Imran can now apply those foundational reading skills to widen his opportunities when he takes his next steps later this year. 

It is weeks like this where staff and peers feel incredibly proud to be a part of the New Bridge Group. It really is these moments that make you feel so grateful to be a part of the students’ journey. 

A huge well done to Imran and to all our students at the college. What an exciting term we have ahead of us! 

Have a lovely weekend!

Abbie and Chloe


HSC Update


The health and social care group have embarked on an exciting new journey with the start of their BTEC unit, 'Making a Healthy Snack when Caring for Others'.

This unit is designed to teach students about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits when caring for others. The students began their learning by completing a baseline activity, which helped them understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods. They also delved into the various dietary requirements that need to be considered when caring for others. 

As part of their learning, the students have also been introduced to different types of diets and how they can impact an individual's health. This week, the group took on the task of researching the different diets followed by their classmates and staff within the college building. The students asked questions to their classmates and members of staff. This activity was eye-opening for the HSC students, as they discovered the diversity of dietary preferences and needs among their peers.

Some followed a vegetarian diet for ethical or health reasons, while others had to adhere to a gluten-free diet due to allergies or intolerances. There were also those who followed a vegan diet, completely avoiding any animal products, and some who followed a low-carb diet for weight loss or medical reasons. This exercise highlighted the importance of understanding and respecting individuals' dietary requirements when caring for them. 

In the health and social care field, it is crucial for students to understand the impact of nutrition on overall health and well-being. This unit aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to cater to different dietary needs and promote healthy eating habits to those in their care. Through this unit, students will gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between food and health. They will also learn about the potential risks and consequences of unhealthy eating habits, such as obesity and chronic diseases. 

The practical aspect of this unit is equally important, as students will develop skills in preparing and cooking nutritious meals and snacks. This will not only benefit them in their studies but also in their future careers as they enter the healthcare field and become responsible for the well-being of others. The ability to prepare healthy and tasty meals for those in their care is a valuable skill that will enable them to make a positive impact on their clients' health and overall well-being. 

In conclusion, the 'Making a Healthy Snack when Caring for Others' unit is an essential part of the health and social care curriculum. It highlights the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It also emphasizes the role of healthcare professionals in promoting and supporting these habits in those under their care. Through this unit, students will not only gain knowledge and skills but also develop a sense of responsibility towards the health and well-being of others. 


Scott's Fight - A Fight for a Worthy Cause 

Over the Easter holidays, whilst most of us were relaxing and polishing off Easter eggs, Mr McKeown was involved in a very special event in Sheffield. In a bid to raise money for Cancer Research UK, he took part in a white-collar boxing match for charity.

Prior to the event, he committed to a gruelling training programme which consisted of endless hours in the gym sparring and perfecting his technique.  

Staff that went to watch Mr McKeown on the night said it was a “spectacular” and “amazing” opportunity and that Mr McKeown was extremely “well trained, prepared and focused”. The bout consisted of 2 x 3 minute rounds.  

Not only did Mr McKeown win the fight on points, but he raised a staggering £600 for a worthy cause that is close to many people’s hearts.  

A huge well done to our champ! Your New Bridge family are very proud of you! 

About Me - Shannon


"Hello, my name is Shannon.  

I Joined the Lumenus department at New Bridge College as a TA in December 2023. Before joining New Bridge I worked as a community carer assisting elderly and disabled people with their everyday needs. Prior to that I trained for 3 years at Arden School Of Theatre doing Acting for Live and Recorded Media, where I achieved my degree. I currently work at Manchester United Football Club on match days where I serve guests and players in the VIP areas.  

In my spare time, I enjoy going to the theatre and watching shows, particularly musicals. I have performed in many shows myself and enjoy being on stage. 

I also enjoy Zumba, going shopping, going for walks with my dogs and going out for food with my family and friends."