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Learning Centre Blog (28.6.24)

My blog this week is filled with PRIDE and COLOUR!

You may be aware that June is Pride month and this week our staff and students have been busy preparing for the Learning Centre’s very own..




This week our students have been learning all about ‘Pride’ and its meaning and also preparing banners and flags to be waved at the parade.

The acronym PRIDE stands for...








Pride month takes place every year in June and is a celebration designed to recognise the influence of the LGBTQ+ community. Celebrating diversity and people's right to live how they choose without discrimination, Pride Month promotes positivity and equal rights for all.

Our students are always considerate of each other and seem to have a unique ability to see only each other’s souls, regardless of any other factors. I feel so privileged to work with such amazing young people who definitely teach us the meaning of ‘Love & respect for all!

A huge thank you to the staff team for organising such a great event and to Shannon, for choreographing a dance routine, rehearsing with a large group of students and then performing it to the whole Learning Centre.

I think the photos show my pure delight at the event and our young people. (& also loved embracing my inner Bowie!)

Have a great weekend all, looking forward to celebrating our Leavers and welcoming families to next Thursday’s Record of achievement.


Learning Centre - PRIDE