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EBase 3 - Frida Kahlo

This Summer Term, Ebase 3 have been looking at the famous artist, Frida Kahlo.

We have learnt about her life and why she became one of the most famous self-portraits artists of all time.

Each student looked at a range of self-portraits of Frida Kahlo and chose one they wanted to design.

Students used their ICT skills to take pictures of each other for their self- portraits.

We then identified colours from our chosen self- portraits and chose the correct paint colours.

After this, we used a range of materials such as felt, paint, tissue paper, oil pastels, card, and crepe paper to design different objects such as animals, flowers, and leaves.

Well done to everyone in Ebase 3 for creating these amazing self-portraits.


EBase 3 - Frida Kahlo