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Digit4ll Pathway Photography Exhibition

This week we hosted the first Digit4ll Pathway Photography Exhibition to showcase some of the amazing work the students have been producing. We were so honoured to welcome parents, staff and governors to give a platform for the amazing images to be showcased. It's safe to say everyone was blown away with the professional quality of the exhibition. The students have shown so much passion and enthusiasm during the 12-week course, which is demonstrated in the incredible photos on show. 
The photography tutor, Dan Holland, has clearly inspired the 11 students and it is incredible what they produced in just 12 weeks.
Take a look at some of the wonderful photographs displayed on canvas and the content of the course.
There are also some photographs from the exhibition itself.

Photography Exhibition

During the exhibition, we shared some slideshows and films from the course. Our incredible Destiny video editor, Johnny, created a couple of fantastic slideshows. These can be viewed here: