Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our children and families. I hope everyone had some rest and relaxation over the festive period. The new term always fills us with anticipation and excitement about what’s ahead and that (at some point) the darker days will become lighter. 


It was brilliant to see the children’s faces as they came through the door on Tuesday. School has been a really happy place this week and I have loved hearing about what families have got up to over the Christmas break.  


Next week, my diary is filled with some exciting events which I really looking forward to. I’m shortlisting candidates for school council, which will be a forum that enables our children to voice on their thoughts and feelings about our school. We are also meeting with Jigsaw 24 to look at the vision for our I pad Project, which will enable all our children and young people to access further learning through their individual devices and we begin to think about our plans for next year. 


Unfortunately, the new year also brought with it some new restrictions around Covid. At this point it is important to stress that we are  

  • Ensuring we follow good hygiene practices of hand washing  
  • We continue with the principles of hands, face, space  
  • Are encouraging the vaccination process to keep everyone safe. 



You may be aware that at the weekend, the government released new guidance on the use of face coverings in educational settings.  The guidance recommends that pupils and students in Year 7 and above should wear face coverings in classrooms where children and young people are able to do so. 

We recognise that there are some circumstances where our pupils and students may not be able to wear a face covering and we are very mindful and respectful of such circumstances.   We understand that many of our pupils and students are unable to put on, wear or remove a face covering whilst for others putting on, wearing, or removing a face covering will cause severe distress.  Equally, wearing a face covering can make it more difficult for some pupils and students to communicate clearly.   

Our position regarding the wearing of face coverings by pupils and students remains the same.  It is recommended and encouraged where: 

  • they can put on, wear, or remove a face covering themselves 
  • wearing or removing a face covering does not cause them distress 
  • wearing a face covering does not make it more difficult for them to communicate clearly 


Face coverings are available in all classrooms for those pupils and students who wish to wear one.  Under no circumstances would any pupil or student be denied education on the grounds that they are not wearing a face covering. 



Our priority is to keep all students and staff safe and well and ensure we can identify any new cases at an early stage, including when children have no symptoms.  We are asking families to test (where appropriate) as early identification will help us to prevent onward transmission and minimise our case rates in the school.  


In collaboration with Public Health, myself, and the senior team, will be monitoring the impact of cases on pupils and workforce. If school does need to return to remote learning, we will notify you at the earliest possible stage. This will be a last resort.  



Our blogs this term will centre on what the children and students have been doing in all aspects of their school lives. Am sure it’s going to be brilliant. 

Happy Weekend. 

Stay safe  


Mrs Tootill